there is thunder in our hearts

hollie. 17. traveler. history buff. movie geek. taker of "okay photographs, seeker of adventure. lover of simple pleasures, amatuer seamstress, maker of crafts, foodie. art junkie. a collector of vintage objects. fan of anything sciency.
i'm basically a total hipster nerd.

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"There are different kinds of sadness.
There’s the kind that’s
temporary and shallow,
maybe being disappointed
that it’ll be raining tomorrow
or that there’s going to be
a pop quiz you didn’t study for
the night before.
And there’s another one
that’s a bit deeper,
one that prolongs and dwells,
and constantly lingers
between breaths.
The sadder you get
the more you can’t
think straight, suffocating
because everything piles on and on,
and small things come together.
It drags you down
and it’s like putting a plastic bag
over your head,
and the more you fight
the weaker you get,
always scared
that you won’t be able to
get that bag off in time.

The point is,
there are different kinds
of sadness.

I prefer mine
a little less quiet,
and a little more
hoping you’ll notice.”


Who am I?

I am human. I create and destroy. I am vulnerable and yet, strong. I am curious but, scared of what I do not know.  I love and I hate. I know what I am but not exactly who. I don’t think there is any way I can know that now. I have a body and a soul, and I haven’t even began to fully explore myself. There are bits of myself that come to light that I have never known to be there. I am human. I am evolving. Forever learning. I have a thirst for knowledge and a need to see the world. I only wish I fully knew who I am.

Let’s Dance

My earliest memory of dancing was maybe when I was about 4 or 5. During this time, my dad was working as a west coast truck driver. Because of this, he was rarely ever home and if he was, it was only for a day or two. I don’t get bitter over that because I know he was working hard to “bring home the bacon,” for my family. Got a bit off-topic there. Oops. Well, there were days when he would come home and just sleep all day but there were also the good days. I lived for those days. My dad would come home and give me a huge hug and spin me around. I loved that. He would take this time to hear about my week and we would usually go out and do something. Now, I was a huge Teletubbies fan growing up. But who wasn’t? I begged him just to stay home and watch a few episodes with me. He always did and that was the best. We would laugh and dance and have a wonderful time. I remember running around the room and “cutting a rug,” with my dad. Those were some of my fondest memories growing up.